Blipsay was conceptualised by Susanna Cederquist, accessibility and diversity consultant and speaker (read more). Susanna works as an instructor with a primary focus on developing education based on our inherent differences, as well as the concept of accessible text.

For some time I’ve been aware of the need to make text more accessible, to conveniently be able to have it read aloud. We tried it out in my book “Dyslexia + Strengths = Truth”, and it worked (read more). 

“Blipsay offers the user a new option for accessing the contents of a written text. At any time, all the time.” 

  • Susanna Cederquist

To me, “accessibility” means that there are more options there from the start, rather than modifications for some of us, made and added after the fact. Everyone should be able to read in the way that’s most effective for them. The result is Blipsay: all you need is a smartphone or a tablet. You can use the camera or one of the many QR scanner apps available. Just blip the listening code, and the contents of the text will be read to you by a natural voice. 

I hope that this technology can simplify everyday reading.

Here the same listening code is used, but it also contains a link. Scan the listening code or click on it. A player will open and the text will be read aloud. 

Examples: digital texts such as e-books, PDFs, etc. Codes can be scanned even when printed. 

For an existing printed text, you can order listening codes as adhesive stickers to apply directly onto the paper. The stickers also make the listening code easier to find with your hand. A QR scanner with an alert that makes your smartphone vibrate when it passes over a listening code can also be helpful.

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